The Spanish Ministry of Health has ordered the recall of more than one hundred medicines that contain “valsartan” following advice from the World Health Organization (WHO).


The warning comes amid fears that certain batches may contain an impurity that has been linked with cancer.

Prescribed to control hypertension and often given to patients following a heart attack anyone taking the drug is advised not to stop treatment before a suitable replacement is prescribed by your physician.

Sold under the brand names Diovan and Exforge the medicines were produced by Kern Pharma, Alter, Cinfa, Normon, Pensa Pharma, Sandoz, Almus, Aurovitas Spain, Combix, Ranbaxy, Stada, Qualigen, Ratiopharm, Tarbis, Tecnimede Spain and Tedec-Meiji Farma.

If you think this recall affects you make an appointment to see your medical professional so that they can access the situation and prescribe an alternate medication.