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Malaga is a popular resort choice for millions of visitors to Spain annually. In fact, thousands of ex-pats first visited Malaga on holiday before deciding to move to Malaga permanently. Malaga's weather and climate are outstanding, with around 320 days of sunshine expected each year, making Malaga as popular as Florida's US climate. Winter weather in Malaga is mild, and it is common to experience temperatures above 18 degrees Celsius in December. And although February is a wet and cold month, it's rare to experience snowflakes. February in Malaga ranges from 13 to 16 degrees, although cold winds can make it feel much cooler. July and August are the hottest months in Malaga, and you can expect a few days below 25 degrees and a peak at 30-35 degrees Celcius. 

There are dozens of beautiful beaches in Malaga province, with Playa de La Malagueta likely being the most famous beach in Malaga city itself. Malaga is one of the few places with a beach almost touching the city centre! Playa de La Malaguetaitself is over a kilometre in length, and each curve of the coastline is enveloped by a pretty promenade ( or paseo). Across this one beach alone, several playgrounds, fitness trails and outdoor gyms are peppered around the sandy beach. With this incentive to keep fit, the outdoor social life and the Mediterranean diet, it is easy to see why moving to Malaga is a popular choice for families and individuals.


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