After addressing serious structural damage Torremolinos town hall has announced that a new gourmet is set to open in the popular seaside resort the second week in November.

The building which will house the market has been the subject of several restorations over the past two decades, which led to the discovery that several of the supporting pillars had been removed and that the building was at serious risk of collapsing.

Now with the stability of the building in place, municipal workers are on target to finish the project before the opening of the resorts new boulevard and central plaza in December.

Financed by the Diputación provincial authority at a cost of 333,000€ plus the structural issues which added a further 65,000€ to the cost of the renovation Torremolinos council will have to pay 398,000€ for the new gourmet market.

When open, the gourmet market will contain 20 booths all selling high-quality locally grown products all worthy of the ‘Sabor a Málaga’ seal.

After visiting the venue last week the Mayor of Torremolinos, José Ortiz said: “Following a period of uncertainty caused by the discovery of the structural damage, we are now sure that the gourmet market will open in November. This will serve to provide a unique experience in our town and help Torremolinos promote its local gastronomic traditions.”