Airport security often have their hands full with the many recent regulations put in place to protect passenger safety. Queues at airport security are not the only type of press that makes front headline news for the teams that work there. One airport security administration team earned themselves another little bit of publicity over the weekend, as they pulled aside the actor who played Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies. They became alarmed when they spotted what was thought to be a light-sabre being brought through airport security.

However it turned out that the 7-foot-plus actor Peter Mayhew only had a large walking stick, designed to look like the classical weapon used by the film’s Jedi Knights. All that said, security still feared that the instrument might nonetheless be a dangerous weapon and therefore delayed Mr Mayhew when they advised him that he would need to leave the security queue and accompany them for ‘a quiet word.’

The actor then sent a ‘tongue in cheek message on social media saying “Giant man want giant cane,”  Many social media comments followed in defense of the thespian & provided support for Mayhew and brought much attention to the notoriety of the incident at security.

“Because of the unusual weight of the passenger’s cane, a security officer alerted a supervisor. Less than five minutes later the cane and passenger were removed to travel. Social media played no role in the determination,” said the team. Apparently it was the excessive weight of the individual’s cane, that rang alarm bells for the security officer.

famous people at airport security

Peter Mayhew stopped at airport security because of lightsaber cane via @TheWookieeRoar


The incident brought a little light heartedness to the many passengers who were also delayed at airport security. I guess one thing rings true, that even the famous are not immune to the new airport security and safety regulations. In fact it was reported that Mr. Mayhew later expressed his gratitude over the airport safety.